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CA Intermediate Taxation 

Amendments for May'22 :-

This sesion is for those students who 1) have appeared for Dec 21 exams and are unsure of passing and will be appearing for May 22 or 2) Who prepared for classes for PY 20-21 and will need updation for changes for PY 21-22. In this session i will be sharing details of Revision schedule for the May 22 attempt , MCQ question sessions and planning the attempt Lets Crak it together!

How to gain marks in Taxation Paper :-

One of the most important things to understand is the way of presenting an answer and understanding step marking as that will help a student maximise the marks even if the answer is not 100% complete If the student can do 80% of the paper 80% right , exemption can be achieved. Lets learn how to attempt a question in this special class, alongwith a writing of the answer

​​Rapid Revision for Income Tax :-

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This is a revision series for May 22 Students for Income Tax & GST. In this lecture we will be revising (& memorizing) the concepts of Residential Status, rates of tax and scope of income - Revision slides for mobile view will be shared

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​​Rapid Revision for GST :-

In this series, CA Arvind Tuli sir will revise all the important topic from exam point of view that will help the learners crack the exam.

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Before one starts learning taxation at CA Intermediate or has had a long gap between inter and Final and still doesn't have some elementary basics clear' Then this course is for you. It is a mandatory course for anyone joining my CA Intermediate classes. Here we discuss answers to questions like What is the diff between P&L and Income Tax Total Income , Why can a firm have only 50 partners, Why does a company have a common seal and not a Firm, Why do we have so many types of entities? etc.

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Commerce today has various options. In this webinar we will be discussing all the main career options viz. CA, CS, CMA, US CPA, ACCA What is the scope of work? What does it cost? How much time does it take?

Discipline , focus and single minded dedictation is very important for a CA student. The ability to be in control and to resist temptations of the modern digital world and to focus on the plan are the key 

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Generally value is assigned to something for which someone else is willing to pay some money. Have you ever wondered why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for buying old utensils of Mohenjodaro & Harappa period or for that

Maintaining your digital profile

In this new age digital world, how does a studentbuild a digital profile ? What are the ettiquettes for digital correspondence , for example do you know that writing in all CAPITALS IS THE SAME AS SHOUTING AT SOMEONE? In this session we will be discussing 1) ettituettes for correspondence on mail, whatsapp, telegram 2) how linkedin can help in showcasing your talent and searching for prospective employers 3) Building your resume

There are some changes in GST & some in Income Tax as notified by ICAI. Also certain amendments made applicable by Finance Act 2021 which are applicable from PY 2020-21 will also be applicable for Nov 21.

MCQ's now account for 30 Marks, Mastery of MCQ specially the CASE STUDY MCQ's will make a big difference in the attempt and for getting exemption in TAXATION. In this series i will be taking you through all ICAI MCQ from MTP



Solution to Practice Manual / House Property solved Question


E-Invoice revision Chart 


Understanding Total Income 


Mind Map of GST 


Paper Analysis for GST


Paper Analysis for Income Tax

Revision for GST + Income Tax Dec' 21